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HS1889 - The Cattleman Buscadero Gunbelt w/Holster

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The Cattleman Buscadero gun rig, made by Cochise Leather Co in the USA
The Cattleman Buscadero gun rig, made by Cochise Leather Co in the USAThe Cattleman Buscadero Gunbelt and Holster made by Cochise Leather Co.

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Price: $325.00
Item Number: HS1889
Manufacturer: Cochise Leather Company

The Cattleman Buscadero gun belt and holster is border tooled with large spots.  The holster features an elegant longhorn head .  Fully lined, 3" wide gunbelt is available in Black, Brown or Natural and your choice of straight left or straight right hand draw.  **Gun and Bullets not included

The Longhorn is commonly known as the Texas Longhorn. This breed of cattle is best known for its horns which can extend up to 7 feet. Their ancestors were brought to the new world by Christopher Columbus and Spanish colonists. Over the next two centuries the herds were moved northward until they reached the area that would become Texas. The cattle were on the open range, turned wild and evolved into the tough, drought, low and poor vegetation tolerant animal that was required to live in the inhospitable area. Adult cows were aggressively protective of their young unlike the cattle of today. These extremely wily and intelligent animals would hide in or take anyone chasing them into imprenetrable thorn bushes/trees to escape their captors. Their long legs and rangy build allowed them to move swiftly when needed and the wickedly long horns were the ultimate weapon for frontal defense with strong hind legs that could lash out in an instant if unable to utilize their horns or if attached from both ends. When settlers moved west they originally bred their cattle with the wild Mexican cattle and the cattle that can be seen today are their descendants. Once the area was well settled the ranches no longer wanted the lean, rangy longhorn as they preferred the fast growing cattle that gained weight quickly. The few small herds that were left by the late 1920's were saved from near extinction by the US Forest Service who established a breeding herd on a wildlife refuge in Oklahoma. Within a couple of years other herds were established in Texas State Paks. The Longhorn flourished in these protected conditions due to their longevity, resistance to disease and ability not only to survive but thrive on poor, sparse pastures. Today many ranchers raise them as beef stock once again and as a representation of the Wild West.

Our fully lined gunbelts are made of 9-10 oz leather with smooth leather lining.  The holster is made of 2 pieces 5-6 oz leather nap sides laminated together, smooth in/smooth out which creates a stronger holster that holds its shape better.  High quality nylon thread is used for durability in the stitching of all our leather products.

Cochise Leather Company is proud of the quality, durability and value that it gives in all of it's products which are hand cut and made by David LaFlair in his Cochise, AZ leather shop.  We're located just 25 miles east of the infamous old west town of Tombstone, Arizona.

To obtain the correct measurement for your gunbelt measure around you hips
approximately 2 inches below your pants belt.
 Cochise Leather Company Gunbelt Measurement Chart

We have to have the correct measurement as shown in the diagram for your belt to fit.