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The Pinto Braided Horsehair Belt - B103

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Horsehair belt hand braided by Cochise Leather
Horsehair belt hand braided by Cochise LeatherHand braided horsehair belt.Choice of 6 buckles for specific western ranger belts

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Price: $105.00
Item Number: B103
Manufacturer: Cochise Leather Company

The Pinto Braided Horsehair belt is black, white and brown with a white whip-stitched edge.  Belt is 1 1/2" wide with choice of 6 buckle designs. Leather belt billet comes in two colors, Black or Brown.  Uni-sex design can be worn by men or women.  

At Cochise Leather the utmost attention is paid to the quality and detail of all our handmade leather goods.  Proudly made in the USA!

Belt Buckle selection for Horsehair belts


Pinto is a color of a horse so a Pinto is not a true breed but a color breed. Any breed of horse, utility horse, pony or miniature horse that happens to have the color marking of a Paint/Pinto but is not a Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred or Paint bred horse can be called a Pinto.

Spotted horses were the rage in 17th century Europe but when the fashionable fad ended, large numbers of the horses were shipped to the Americas, many of which were turned loose to run wild. Highly prized by the Native Americans the color became popular in throughout the United States, which now has the greatest number of pinto horses in the world.

The Pinto Horse Association (PtHA) registers horses based on color. The word "pinto" is Spanish for "paint". The Pinto Horse Association of America was started in the 1950's to give the owners and riders of pintos a show circuit and breed organization.